Web app design and development

Organisr is a time and project management web app, which was developed to be a simple, flexible tool to help manage workloads and improve productivity.

Organisr was created to improve on team separation that is present in similar existing apps. Many people use project management solutions, but want to keep professional and personal work completely separate while working under a single account. Other similar apps blur the lines between teams, leaving you open to making mistakes such as working on the wrong team or logging time for the wrong project. Organisr helps you avoid this by keeping teams completely separated.

Organisr also offers a host of other features to help with time and project management, such as: structuring work as projects and tasks, time tracking both as you work, user and project statistical overviews, and billable rates for all projects, to name a few.

Organisr was built with the Laravel PHP framework. The core of Organisr’s client side functionality and client-server communication was built with Vue.js and Vue-Resource respectively. Organisr also makes use of frameworks and libraries such as Bootstrap for it’s grid system and helper classes, Moment.js for timezone and date manipulation, and Underscore.js for it’s convenient collection-style method chaining.

The Organisr website and web app are also both fully responsive. The decision was made to create a responsive web app because it meant the largest number of people could access Organisr regardless of their chosen hardware. Because Organisr is accessible almost everywhere from a single code base, support, issues, bug fixes, and features can be released much more quickly.

Organisr is currently offline for upgrades.