Web app design and development

ConnectUni is a social media platform which exists to make university life easier for both university students, and college students applying through UCAS.

- The ConnectUni platform helps students meet new people. They can interact with other students in several ways, such as public statuses or private messaging.

- ConnectUni's mapping system shows other students in the area; helping students find other students in their local area and make friends before university starts.

- ConnectUni collates information from some of the largest online housing providers and work with estate agents to bring students the best housing offers around their chosen university.

- ConnectUni shows students the latest jobs being advertised in their local area from online job boards and local recruitment companies, giving them the best chance of finding a job that fits in with their studies.

ConnectUni was built with the Laravel PHP framework. The core of ConnectUni's client side functionality and client-server communication was built with Vue.js and Vue-Resource respectively. ConnectUni also makes use of frameworks and libraries such as Moment.js for timezone and date manipulation, Underscore.js for it’s convenient collection-style method chaining, and several custom-build components, such as a grid system.

The ConnectUni web app is also both fully responsive. The decision was made to create a responsive web app because it meant the largest number of people could access ConnectUni regardless of their chosen hardware. Because ConnectUni is accessible almost everywhere from a single code base, support, issues, bug fixes, and features can be released much more quickly.