Web app design and development

Colourrr is a really simple, easy to use colour conversion tool which will take your input and convert it to several of the most popular colour formats on the web. As well as providing conversions to multiple formats, Colourrr also displays colour variations, showing you lighter and darker colours based on your input.

Colourrr was created out of frustration from the input limitations of existing tools. For example, some colour conversion tools insist on RGB values being entered into separate boxes, which can get annoying and take up a decent chunk of time. The primary purpose of Colourrr is to be very flexible with what it is able to convert - missing characters, commas, brackets, semi colons, and other format differences are no problem.

Colourrr is a JavaScript web app, and was built with Bootstrap and Vue.js. Bootstrap provided solid ground to start development, while the reactivity of Vue.js allowed for the user input to be converted and displayed quickly and efficiently for the user. Clipboard.js was used to provide text copying functionality without having to rely on Flash.