Stoke Bathrooms

Website design and development

I was approached by a new bathroom fitting company which was opening in the local area soon. They wanted a website building which would act as an online extension of their showroom, allowing people to develop some ideas of what they were looking for before visiting.

The client wished for the site to mirror their showrooms aesthetics, appearing very clean and modern, with information and images for all aspects of a bathroom split into categories. Inspiration for the design was to be based on their sister company, a kitchen fitting company, which matched the style and layout desired by the client.

Because of the nature of the website and the fact that content may need to be changed regularly, this website was built with WordPress. Plugins such as ACF Pro were essential to ensuring the website remained functional while providing easy and intuitive methods of editing the site. The website also takes advantage of several Vue.js components, which allow sections such as the sliders or tile mosaics to deliver great performance while minimising the websites size and download time.

The client may have modified the site since these images were taken.