ADR Learning

Web app design and development

ADR Learning was designed and developed for clients wishing to move their arbitration courses online.

The ADR Learning website offers information about the courses, partners, and ADR Learning itself.

The ADR Learning web app allows users to register and enroll on courses at their leisure. The app manages access limits, and provides access to learning materials, mock exams, the course final exam, results, and a downloadable certificate should the user pass.

The app also provides an admin dashboard, which allows the clients to create new courses or update the existing ones. The learning content inputs parse markdown allowing the learning materials to be formatted as required, and the exam questions allow a flexible range of answers.

ADR Learning was built with the Laravel PHP framework. The core of ADR Learning's client side functionality and client-server communication was built with Vue.js and Vue-Resource respectively. ADR Learning also makes use of frameworks and libraries such as Moment.js for time manipulation, Underscore.js for it’s convenient collection-style method chaining, and several custom-build components, such as a grid system.

The ADR Learning website and web app are also both fully responsive. The decision was made to create a responsive web app because it meant the largest number of people could access ADR Learning regardless of their chosen hardware. Because ADR Learning is accessible almost everywhere from a single code base, support, issues, bug fixes, and features can be released much more quickly.